– Canon Ij Setup

There are various sites available on the internet providing information about the Canon Printer setup, but there are very rare providing genuine information. Other sites will confuse you to the maximum extent, and leave you nowhere leading to frustration. That’s why our site will provide you with the right things to do for the Canon Printer Setup and you are going to be so happy as you will be able to do the Canon ijsetup properly without any confusion. In order to do this, just follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Learn to do Canon Printer Setup

Whenever you will take a new Canon Printer, then the very first thing that you need to do is to go to as it is the first thing that you should do to start the setup. It needs to be done because at the very first instant, to take any printout from the printer, you need to install the printer driver. So for that, the download link can be found on Rest, follow all the steps given below one-by-one to reach your goal.

  • First, start the device with which you want to complete the setup like a PC or the Laptop.

  • At the second point, you need to connect the printer to the device which you are using for the setup. You can connect the device with the printer via any method, either wired or wireless. It is up to your choice.

  • Now, launch the browser of your choice and enter the URL of in the address bar.

  • The official portal for the Canon Printer will open.

  • Now, open the settings by clicking over the gear icon, and wait for some time so that system could respond. Now, the prompt will ask you for the model of your canon printer.

  • At last, tap the Enter button, and your file for the  Canon Printer setup will get downloaded.

Now, with this, the setup is complete. So, there is a need to install the drivers as well for the printers in order to make them workable. S, to install them, there is a need to follow the steps given in the next section.

Installing Canon Printer Drivers

For downloading the printer drivers as well, you need to follow the same link that you have used for the setup i.e. On the web page, select the link for the installation of the driver according to your printer model. Once the file is downloaded for the installation, you need to complete the following steps in order to complete the installation.

  • The canon icon will dis[played on the system. So, double click on the icon. There will be an option to choose the connection type, either wired or wireless.

  • Now, hold on to the power button in order to start the printer.

  • Now, in this section, we are setting up the wireless connection, hence press the WiFi button on your printer.

  • In order to confirm the connection whether it is connected or not, check for the light. It will be blinking green and blue. If it is flashing like this, it means, your printer is now connected to the WiFi.

  • The terms and conditions will open for the Canon printer. So, click over the “ I agree” button, in order to complete the installation.

  • Click over the Finish button for the completion of the installation process.

So, these are the steps that need to be followed, if you are connecting the printer via WiFi. After completing the installation of the driver, the setup for the Canon printer is complete and you are all set to take the desired printouts. In case, you are not able to connect to the WiFi, check for the active status of the connection Or, you can try with the USB/wired method.

Canon Printer Setup via USB

Suppose you are not having WiFi, or due to some connection problem, not able to connect to the WiFi, then you can try this alternative method for the installation of the drivers for your Canon printer. For this, you need to connect your printer and system by using the USB given along with the printer. After connecting both the devices, follow the steps given below for the completion of the Canon ij setup.

  • Launch the web browser of your choice, and enter the mandatory URL, i.e. in the address field.

  • Now, upon asking the choice for the connection type, select the USB option from the choices.

  • Now, if you have not connected your printer with the system by using a USB cable, then do that, and click over Next.

  • Now, click over the “Add Printer” button, in order to add up your Canon Printer.

  • Now, in the device settings, go to the LAN settings and select the connection that you are using.

  • After that, click to install the drivers for your printer.

  • Now, do the required settings for your printer and take out the test print in order to confirm the completion of the setup.

Hence, with all these steps, your Canon Printer Setup is complete, whether you were using the wireless connection or the wired connection via USB. Now, you are all set to take the printouts as many as you want. Got stuck in steps, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. You can reach us to have the solution for your problem. Our team will help you out in the completion of the Canon Printer Setup, and you can do your desired jobs with the printer.